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The Olympic Fire from Morgedal

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Sondre Norheim
- the
Skiing Pioneer of Telemark

The Olympic Fire from Morgedal

The Olympic Torch has been lit in Morgedal three times, for the Winter Olympics in 1952, 1960 and 1994.

All the lighting ceremonies have been held at Sondre’s birthplace, Øverbø, followed by huge, lively, community celebrations in the valley.

1993: The pinewood torch is lit in the Sondre cottage by HRH Princess Märtha Louise
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A Torch for the
VI Olympic Winter Games
– Oslo, Norway, 1952
A Torch for the
VIII Olympic Winter Games
– Squaw Valley, US
A, 1960
A Torch for the
XVII Olympic Winter Games
– Lillehammer, Norway, 1994

A traditional pinewood torch has been used every time at the Øverbø ceremonies.

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In 1952 the torch was made by Olav Strondi and the next two times by his son, Eivind Strondi.

Present in the Sondre cottage during the lightings, have been one ski veteran and one representative for the younger generation, both from Morgedal.

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